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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by staff writer Terri Flagg, in which she reported a local man was sentenced to three to four months in prison by Judge A. Moses Massey after the man pleaded guilty to one charge of crimes against nature, in a plea agreement after he was initially charged with more than 30 sexual offenses, we received these comments on our website,

michael keen: Regardless got off pretty easy

Radical American Infidel: Real easy. imho

Scott Sutton: I wonder about Massey and HIS sexual proclivities when I see these type of sentences given..War Hero. “”NOT”“. Another laughable sentence from the Robes of Judge Massey..A disgrace..

BimBim: Unreal. I am outraged. To say anything else, would not be allowed here.

Countrygirl1411: He should be spending the rest of his life in jail. So basically they rewarded him for what he did. Why should I be surprised.

Undercover Angel Countrygirl1411: did you go to the trial? Do you know him? Honest …you don’t!!

eltonj: Remember he stressed accusations. And the ones that said he done this wasn’t even there. So that goes to show they were probably lying. None of us know bc we weren’t there.


In response to a story by Terry Flagg in which the sentencing for Emmanuel William Foster, who was convicted in federal court of the 2012 murder of local shop keeper Donald Arnder, we received the following comment at

Scott Sutton: Good thing Massey isn’t presiding over this case..He would give them a stern talking…It’s a shame when law enforcement breaks their butts, only to have a bleeding heart judge give out minimum sentences if any..Yes Judge Massey is in this catagory.look at his record. Very disturbing.


In response to a story by staff writer Tom Joyce, reporting the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners was considering bringing in a consultant to help the board members work better together and have a stronger understanding of how the board should operate, we received these comments at

joe h: More funny things go on in mount airy

Trey Johnson: Why not a psychologist and behavioral therapist while they’re at it? Then again, we could save that money and elect a new board.

Terry Hill: I thought the city attorney told them what they “legally can and cannot do”.

bob vincent: I also want each commissioner to have his/her own opinion and I don’t think they have to all agree and support something they voted against. Sounds like some just want cover for when they pass some unfavorable thing. Who wants a rubber stamp board? And why do we need some bureaucrat from Chapel Hill to tell us how to run Mayberry?

Larry Stoneman: I know I have read at least two definitions of a perceived problem with the board. One from Mayor Rowe that it is broken, another from the News that there’s a failure to play nicely by the members of the board. I believe both to be true. Let me add a third possibility. Leadership improvement. Not that anyone is a bad leader. Greensboro, NC has a school called the Center for Creative Leadership. At the time I became aware of it they took members of local governments, military, and other groups and developed them for being better leaders. People working together in groups to lead their communities have many reasons that they may need to develop leadership ability.

MtAiryNative: Actually, there is a book on how to be a city council member…it’s called “Handbook for North Carolina Mayors and Council Members” and it’s published by the UNC School of Government.…

It’s deeply disturbing that nobody on the council or city staff has used or even known about this book before – especially if they’re clueless on how to be a councilmember. Maybe they should buy a couple of copies for $35 each and save the money they were going to spend on their therapist or coach or teambuilder…whatever it was.

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