You Said It

You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a column by staff writer Andy Winemiller extolling the Mount Airy city school system’s Spanish immersion program, we received these comments at our website,

Terry Hill: What a donkey-hole. (this paper censored the rest of my reply).

Bobochicken: my son is in the dual language progrdm at Tharrington, I was sceptical at first last year when we decided to try and get him in it, now I am so glad we did it, last year his class waa 100% spanish and now in first grade it has moved to 80% spanish 20% english, it is amazing what and how these kids learn. I would urge everyone with a child coming into kindrgarten to check out the DLI program, it is well worth it. I know my son is going to be set for success

Terry Hill: How? By landing a job at social services?

Bobochicken: last time i checked government jobs paid pretty well with great benifits, so if it’s social service work who cares. That kind of back woods retoric is the whole problem because a small percent of americans think it’s wrong to speak spanish and english, what about our high schoolers,,, they are learning mandarin chinese, is that wrong too?

Terry Hill: I’m not relating to the profession, but to the clientele. High schools have always offered other languages to students who wish to learn those languages…no, I have no problem with that at all. How does that relate to forcing it on kindergartners???

Bobochicken: In the case of my son it was not forced rather we elected for him to be in the dual language class, there were so many who wanted it they had to have a “lottery” to see who would get in, we were lucky

Terry Hill: Oh, OK. When he grows up he can have his own construction crew.


In response to a column by staff writer Bill Colvard, expressing his chagrin at ancient Babylonians and modern-day NASA for messing up long-held astrological beliefs by showing there should be 13 zodiac signs, and therefore many people aren’t the sign they thought they were, we received this comment:

john pritchard: I always read the columns by the local staff. Some are good; others less so. This one is outstanding. It’s just the kind of humor to start one’s day. I’m forwarding it to some out of town friends.


In response to an article by Andy Winemiller reporting on a complaint lodged against the Mount Airy-Surry County Airport Authority by Robin Angel, part owner of a plane at the airport, we received these comments:

Larry: Wow, just another example of why these unelected officials need to go! It appears to me they’re never wrong and always right! Seems kind of childish. Makes since though, $1000 to fix a dangerous cable is difficult to justify and scrap up, especially when you have recently purchased an 18 million dollar pile of dirt. Let me see this petition, I’ll be glad to sign it!

james burnes: The leadership at the airport is stale. It seems not a month can go by without John Springthorpe begging for more money from the taxpayers to pay for frivolous lawsuits. The runway expansion is going to cost around 25 million dollars and when completed it will only add 1000 feet in length! Authority without responsibility! I agree that term limits will be a fix.

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