Reader angry over column

To the Editor,

Tom Joyce has many of us red faced and hot stove pipe mad! The recent column, Where do I sign to be undocumented? (Mount Airy News, Aug. 27, 2016) is just one example of how Tom’s columns are creating a fire storm of hate. These columns, at the very least, make Mount Airy look like a backwards, PO-dunk, raciest, homophobic place to live.

Tom’s intent aside in this column, his views are quite opposing to many in the “grass roots” of Surry County and Mount Airy. Which, of course would be fine. We expect to hear all sides which really aids discussion within our community. However, when minorities and in particular in this case Latinos, are targeted (specifically undocumented immigrants), he crosses a line.

Here are a couple of his quotes taken directly from the last column from Mr. Joyce.

“…catch-phrases such as “build a wall,” “deport them,” “no more sanctuary cities” and “go to the back of the line” were music to my ears and those of others”.

Okay, what does this imply? If the laws currently do not help with what Tom wants and promotes to all of us in his columns, then what is next? Wacko people taking the law into their own hands??? At the very least, Tom wants these “undocumented immigrants” to be singled out and targeted. Is this a good idea?

How about the one mentioned above from Tom “…I personally know of one Mexican couple in Mount Airy who have driven with the same Texas tags on their late-model car for three years — so you know they are not paying property taxes, tag fees, inspection charges, etc. And probably not for liability insurance, either”.

Why is he calling out a local family? He has no information to prove that they are illegal immigrants! He could get these people targeted and killed!

Then this one from Mr. Joyce, “…if you commit even some petty infraction, there’s a law enforcement or other authority figure in your face whose job it is to bust you”.

Really, Tom portrays local law enforcement as “in your face” when simple “petty infractions” are committed. I have not had any experience like that, even in Charlotte or Raleigh!!!

But again, what is Tom’s intent? He either is trying to have minorities targeted and placed in the spot light – or he is mentally unstable. Either makes

Tom a good candidate to be removed from writing in our local paper.

We deserve much, much better!!!

Phillip Badgett


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