Pilot mayor takes issue with article

To the Editor,

I read your article about the selection process for town manager this morning and it seemed that the News implied that the town board is dragging out of the selection process, so let me make clear what each closed meeting involved:

1st meeting; reviewed applications and selected candidates to interview.

2nd meeting: interviewed 3 candidates

3rd meeting: discussed candidates and compensation package.

These meetings have been timely (about 1 week apart).

I responded to an inquiry by a Mount Airy News reporter August 19 about the selection process. I said that the board “hoped” to announce a selection in “about” a week. We met to discuss compensation of the board’s selection exactly one week from that inquiry. I hope you can clarify this. I trust that your article wasn’t simply for sensational purposes.

Dwight Atkins

Pilot Mountain mayor

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