Reader takes issue with column

To the Editor,

As one who has liberally slurped up the Kool-Aid of liberal brainwashing, I find many of Mr. Joyce’s points factually in error, but I will only talk about two (Where do I sign to be undocumented?, Mount Airy News, Aug. 28, 2016).

The “brainless who have labeled Trump a racist.”

Is banning a whole race of people from entering the country, as in Hispanics, dark skinned people from the middle-east , ‘racist’? What does it suggest that almost all, if not all, White Supremist groups actively support MrTrump? As does the notable David Duke. As do all KKK groups who are semi public. What does it mean that almost every, if not every, Trump rally has at least one dark skinned person thrown out for very minor offenses? Some before they get in and the rally starts? What does it mean that there are virtually no ‘persons of color’ at any Trump rally? Indeed, in the whole Republican Party? Google ‘racist acts of Donald John Trump.’

Perhaps Mr Trump is not a ‘racist’, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

The other point is ‘the advantages of being undocumented’. First, I know and have known several out-of-staters who moved here, and kept old plates for years before getting legal. I guess those law enforcement or other authority figures are doing something else. Mr. Joyce might remember that we have our current method of paying tax when renewing automobile license plate because so many documented Americans were not paying that tax. Same with inspections.

If even part of your allegations are true, there is a lot of complicity by documented Americans as somebody has to hire and pay these people, so they have money for these nefarious activities. Add to that the problems of finding a place to live and work without the proper ‘papers’. The fear of being reported making it impossible to call for police for any kind of loss, from assault and rape to theft. Taxes are built into rent payments. It is hard to work without a social security number, a legal number into which account monies are paid, and matched by the employer. Undocumented people cannot file for social security, disability benefits of medicaid/medicare.

Hardly the idyllic life style described by Mr. Joyce.

There are other points I find faulty, several studies show modern Hispanic immigrees are learning English and becoming assimilated as quickly as the Italians, Irish, Poles, etc., back in the day.

BTW, I resent being accused of ‘slurping Kool Aid’ and being called ‘brainless.’

Fred Norman


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