Trump not perfect, but superior to Clinton

To the Editor,

I am not a veteran, and I have the deepest respect for anyone who has served but at the same time I am appalled that the mother and father of someone who gave their life in defense of this country would parade themselves in front of a camera for a politician who by most accounts has less regard for the service men and women than almost anyone I can readily think of.

If I had lost my son or daughter under any circumstances I could not imagine “performing” for anyone, especially for someone whose actions could have, and may have, resulted in the loss of someone else’s son or daughter.

There are a lot of things I can readily say that I disagree with Donald Trump about but the one thing that I feel is different about him is that he says what he thinks rather than what people would rather hear. That cannot be said for Hillary. The fact that he can stand up and say whatever he chooses to is a testament to the sacrifices that our servicemen and women make.

He would not be the first commander in chief to have been deferred from service, let us not forget Bill Clinton, who, while our service men were dying in the jungles of Vietnam, was consorting with the enemy and participating in rallies against the United States in foreign countries. The sad truth is that most people in this country would react to receiving a Purple Heart the way Trump did — well to be honest about it probably 8 out of 10 people in this country wouldn’t even know what a Purple Heart was, they would probably ask. Is that a Prince song?

What I think of Donald Trump is that he has been successful not because he is knows everything about everything, or because he is a good person, but because he isn’t afraid to surround himself with people who are and to listen to their counsel.

We would have to go back 50 of even 100 years to find someone who has a great understanding of what it means to be commander in chief.

Well there was Adolf Hitler. He had a great respect for his military.

Michael Mills


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