Reader: Obama is no Christian

To the Editor,

I love America. And I don’t say that nonchalantly. America is truly the greatest nation on earth. Because (so far), we have the freedoms and opportunities that other nations only dream of.

The Christian religion is what made America great. It wasn’t lying politicians and God haters (nor Islam), that get all the media attention today. Our nation began with leaders who had high moral standards, which today, are few and far between. And thus, God blessed it to become what it is.

And that is why it makes my blood boil to see what this pathetic Obama administration has done to our country. Abusing his power to force American’s to “conform” to his hypocritical and very low moral standards. Masquerading as some “Christian,” which he cannot possibly be. You shall know a tree by the fruit it bears. And Christian fruit, I do not see.

But I do see much fruit of hypocrisy. When a man wraps his arms around the gay movement, lights up “MY” White House with rainbow colors, and threatens to take money away from public schools (money that “I” paid in high taxes), just so he can pander to this new sick movement of transgender. Let me tell you one thing you can take to the bank, that man is “NOT” a friend of God. He is the vilest of enemies.

This wickedness will bring the wrath of God on America. You can count on that. It’s happening even now.

Lonnie Malcomb

Fancy Gap

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