Burn scheduled at Pilot Mountain today

There will be an eight-acre prescribed burn on Tuesday at Pilot Mountain State Park, according to a statement released by park superintendent Matt Windsor.

The burn will take place “below the summit parking area and adjacent to the burn unit that was burned several weeks ago.”

No facilities will be closed other than the picnic area during the burn. Smoke will be visible from around noon until 3 p.m., and there may be some smoldering afterward, which Windsor said was normal.

“One of the goals of a prescribed burn is to allow woody fuels to burn up as long as they are contained within the fire line so that they are not available to burn in the future. All burning material within 50 feet of the fire line is extinguished, and fire lines are monitored continuously until smoldering has ceased,” he said. “The purpose of the burn is to reduce competition for oaks and pines and promote the growth of fruiting and flowering plants in the understory which will benefit wildlife.”

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