No new leads in shooting death

By Andy Winemiller -

DOBSON — There are no leads in the shooting death of a Surry County woman.

See Vu, 60, was found dead in her rice paddies on Escape Lane on June 28. An autopsy confirmed the theory Vu had died of a gunshot wound. However, that’s all investigators know.

“There’s absolutely nothing new,” said Surry County Sheriff Graham Atkinson in an interview Monday.

Atkinson explained the bullet, which had been removed from Vu’s body intact, is at the state crime lab. Local officials don’t know when more information regarding the bullet which killed the woman will become available.

“It depends on what else they (the crime lab) have going on,” remarked Atkinson.

In the days following Vu’s death, Atkinson explained there were two possible theories — the woman was intentionally shot or a stray bullet from a hunter or a person target practicing in the area struck Vu.

Atkinson said identifying what sort of bullet struck and killed Vu could aid investigators in that determination.

However, given the rolling terrain, surrounding forest and the time of year, the theory of a stray bullet might not be likely, according to the sheriff.

“It’s not impossible. It’s just not probable,” he said. “You don’t want to start anything with a preconceived notion.”

Atkinson said the lack of headway in the case isn’t a result of any lack of ambition to solve it.

“It’s still a very active investigation,” said Atkinson, who mentioned investigators from the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation are on hand in Surry County aiding in the efforts.

“We haven’t quit looking.”

That stated, investigators are still stuck with only one known fact in the investigation — that “somebody shot this woman.”

Atkinson added he’s still encouraging anybody with any information regarding the case to call his department at 401-8900.

By Andy Winemiller

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