Real property transfers in Surry County

Compiled by Andy Winemiller -

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However, a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

• William M. Childress to Tonya and James Barker. 0.266 acres in Bryan Township. $0

• Tonya and James Barker to Angela D. Lester. 0.266 acres in Bryan Township. $190.

• Jason E. Parker to Shannon L. Parker. Lot in Mount Airy. $0

• Johnny and Ola White to Gregory and Tammy Marshall. 3.61 acres in Rockford Township. $14

• Stephanie H. Coe to Anthony and Paula France. Tract in Pilot Mountain. $349

• Joy and Mark Featherston and Elizabeth and Robert Brisben to Eugene D. Montgomery. 10.55 acres in Pilot Mountain. $121

• Phillip and Jane Cave to Bobby and Rachel Potts. 1.39 acres in Dobson. $40

• Judson R. Monkus to Lawrence Russell. One acre in Franklin Township. $10

• Fionn and Laura Brim to Damon and Shannon Tomchick. Lot in the Woodbridge Subdivision in Mount Airy. $256

• James and Donna Atkins to S.C.H. Capital, LLC. Four lots in Mount Airy. $135

• Estate of Myrtle Jenkins Wall to Magnus and Carol Halldorson. Two tracts in Siloam Township. $97

• Estate of Sally A. Blalock to Mary L. Garris. Unit in Pilot Echo Condominiums. $265

• Mary and Lucas Brewer to Patrina R. Moore. 3.93 acres in Sough Westfield. $440

• The Graham C. Greene Trust to Chappell Construction & Coatings, LLC. 8.639 acres in Elkin. $90

• The Hall Residential Real Estate Trust to Barbara W. Thompson. Two tracts in Elkin. $392

• Vaudy J. Edwards to Pilot Mtn. Properties Inc. 1.16 acres in Eldora Township. $32

• Philip, Bonnie, Dillard and Rachel Cook to Philip Cook. 26 acres in Westfield Township. $0

• Philip, Bonnie, Dillard and Rachel Cook to Dillard Cook. 18 acres in Westfield Township. $0

• Sarah W. Jenkins to Robert and Kelly Williamson. Lot in the Orchard Mountain Development in Franklin Township. $13

• Estate of Lummie B. McMillian to J & E Properties of N.C., LLC. Lot in Mount Airy. $69

• Melchor and Gelacia Castillo to Siomara Castillo Baltazar. 1.658 acres in Surry County. $0

• Terry, Tammy and Todd Inman to Derick L. Crane and Felicia A. Comer. Two tracts in Mount Airy and Westfield Township. $0

• Melissa and Thomas Asbell to Ryan A. Bono. Two tracts in Surry County. $134

• Anthony and Stephanie Kimmel to Clade Shelar. Lot in the Pine Lakes Development in Stewarts Creek Township. $172

• Alberto Castillo Cabrera and Erika Chavez Larraga to Ismael Cabrera Castillo and Maria Cabrera. Three tracts in Mount Airy. $124

• Polly Hall to Rocky G. Richardson. 1.42 acres in Stewarts Creek Township. $10

• Brian and Julie Utt to Billy and Janie McHone. Two tracts in Mount Airy. $300

• Herman and Kimberly Caballero to Angelica Ramirez Islas. 20,351 sq. ft. in Elkin. $100

• Rachel S. Jarrell to Hassel Cooke. Lot in Mount Airy. $30

• Estate of Patricia Louise Maness to Raymond and Sylvia Stainback. 1.022 acres in Elkin. $294

• Gary and Stacy Williams to David and Janice Satterwhite. Lot in the Orchard Mountain Development. $330

• Joseph and Kristi Gaddis to Vickie E. Heiner. Lot in the Greenwood Subdivision in Elkin. $404

• Dennis and Gail Chilton to Odell and Mildred Sisk. Tract in Surry County. $0

• Ricky and Yvette Sisk to Odell and Mildred Sisk. 3.669 acres in Surry County. $0

• Mildred Sisk and Gail Sisk Chilton to Odell A. Sisk. Four tracts in Surry County. $0

• Sherrie and Joseph Marino to Daniel W. Corriher. Three tracts in Dobson. $110

Compiled by Andy Winemiller

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

Reach Andy at 415-4698.

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