Paving project, public hearings on city agenda

By Tom Joyce -

Mount Airy officials will consider approving $250,000 for street resurfacing during a 7 p.m. meeting Thursday.

Also, two public hearings will be held before the city Board of Commissioners, one regarding a proposed annexation of property in Holly Springs targeted for a new Dollar General store and the other a local businessman’s request to close a portion of a street.

The city’s proposed 2016 resurfacing project includes eight streets in the northern part of Mount Airy, including Cross Creek Drive, Burgundy Road, Bobby Lane, Myers Drive, Ellis Acres Lane, Salem Drive, School Street and Scalestone Lane.

These are considered to be in greatest need among streets that are part of the city road system, which doesn’t include major routes such as U.S. 52 and U.S. 601 that are maintained by the N.C. Department of Transportation.

Also on tap is a previously unannounced project to resurface driveways at the city’s F.G. Doggett Water Plant in the Laurel Bluff community in western Mount Airy.

Three contractors submitted bids for the work, the lowest by Adams Construction Co. based in Roanoke, Virginia, at $261,765; APAC Atlantic Inc. of Winston-Salem, $314,231; and Carl Rose and Sons, an Elkin company, $300,295.

However, the low bid overall is being tweaked in regard to the eight streets in the northern part of town to allow a lower cost than the $213,645 figure for that portion of the project, to come within a $200,000 allocation of Powell Bill funding from the state. The resurfacing also requires the adjusting of structures including manholes and valve boxes.

City public works crews will handle the structure adjustment in-house, thus reducing the estimated cost to $192,525. But the commissioners are being asked to allocate $200,000 for that portion to cover any overruns or contingencies.

About 2,550 tons of asphalt are to be placed on the eight streets.

Meanwhile, the price for resurfacing the driveways at the water plant, to include 555 tons of asphalt, is $47,120, for which the commissioners are being asked to allocate $50,000 to cover any contingencies.

All the adjustments have resulted in a recommended contract award of $239,645 to Adams Construction and a total budget of $250,000 for the contingency aspect.

If approved, the work is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.

Adams Construction has handled a number of local paving projects, including the state’s resurfacing of Rockford Street last year.

Though based in Virginia, it maintains a local asphalt plant near Ararat Rock Products on Park Drive, and does a considerable amount of work for both the North Carolina and Virginia highway departments. The company has “a good reputation,” according to Public Works Director Jeff Boyles.

Public hearings

One of the hearings scheduled Thursday night concerns a request from Venture Properties of Wilkesboro for voluntary annexation of land at the corner of Airport and Holly Springs roads.

Venture Properties is developing the Dollar General store on the 1.2-acre tract.

The annexation is being requested so the store can receive municipal utility service. Since the site does not adjoin the present city limits, this would constitute satellite annexation.

In addition to annexation, the public hearing will address the proposed rezoning of the Holly Springs property from HB (Highway Business-Surry County) to B-4, the city’s highway business designation.

Barber Street issue

Also Thursday night, citizens are invited to weigh in on the proposed closing of unopened street space (or easement) and a portion of Barber Street, with the area that would be closed totaling 22,000 square feet.

This action has been requested by Gene Clark of Barber Street Investments on South Main Street, who owns and has his office on the property involved, where Renfro Corp. once maintained industrial operations.

“It had already been closed years ago when Renfro owned the property,” Clark explained Tuesday regarding Barber Street.

“We are just trying to get it to where it makes sense on the tax books and everything,” he added regarding the action requested. “It just kinds of cleans the thing up a little bit.”

The municipal engineering staff also recommends the closure, since the site in question contains no public utilities and there are no plans to construct a new street there.

“Barber Street has been closed for years, but it has never been taken off the city’s (system),” Clark said.

After the two public hearings Thursday night, the commissioners are scheduled to vote on each proposal later in the meeting.

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By Tom Joyce

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