Draughn family holds family reunion

By Lucie Willsie

July 23, 2014

Pictured here, 60 years ago, in the front row from left, are Sadie Martin, Irene Simpson and Gertrude Hodge; in the back row from left are: Archie Draughn, Bette Draughn, mother, Walter Draughn, father, and Frank Draughn.

A reunion of the Walter and Better Draughn family was held not too long ago at Blue Grove Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. This reunion always is held on the third weekend of May. It was hosted by several of the grandchildren and their families. Sadie D. Martin and her husband, Ben, were not able to attend. They are they only aunt and uncle left. Pictured here, from left, are Isaac and Jacob Draughn and friends.

Pictured here are Jimmy and Nelda Draughn.

Pictured here, from right, are Jeff and Becky Draughn and Mikala, their daughter.

From right are Melissa Hall and Natalie Shane and a friend.

From left are pictured here Jerry and Linda Sheets and Wayne Haymore.

Pictured here are Gray Draughn and his granddaughters.

Pictured here, from the left, are: Donna Draughn, Conrad Draughn, Donna Biggerstaff and her husband, Gene.

Pictured here are Paula Cassterens and her niece, Caroline Simpson.