By John Peters

July 4, 2014

To the Editor,

I managed and ran my small business for 10 years. Up until Obamacare a business had the right to provide healthcare for their employees as an added benefit or not. Now if they are a certain size they are forced to provide it. And to top that off if the owners are of the religious belief that life begins at conception they are Forced to provide the “morning after pill” or other medications that in essence cause an abortion in their mind.

Mr. Peters, is there Nothing you feel an individual business has the right to decide for themselves? Do you think that the abortion of a life is not the line they should draw in the sand? Hobby Lobby did not mind providing birth control pills and other types of Prevention. They would Not be responsible for what They considered the abortion of a life. I applaud them for the stand.

Linda Dollyhigh

Mount Airy