Three charged in kidnapping, armed robbery

By Keith Strange

May 15, 2014

Warrants have been issued for three Pilot Mountain residents following what Surry County Sheriff Graham Atkinson said is a kidnapping and armed robbery.

Police are looking for Melvin Eugene Duncan, 52; Candy Renee Maynor, 27; and Ryan Andrew Hughs, 21. All are residents of Hills Presbyterian Church Road.

Atkinson said shortly before midnight on May 3, police received a call to Badgett Road in the Ararat community related to a robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

“When deputies arrived, they found that the victim had obvious signs of assault,” the sheriff said.

The victim, identified as Junior Allen Scott, 67, told police that he answered a knock on the door and was lured outside by a black male “with white spots all over his face,” who told Scott that his vehicle had broken down.

“Once outside, another suspect who was wearing a ski mask hit the victim on the head with a handgun, causing him to fall to the ground,” Atkinson said.

After the assault, the suspects allegedly took two cell phones and $315 in cash from Scott.

The suspects reportedly left on foot, and Scott was unable to identify a vehicle.

Following an investigation, Duncan, Maynor and Hughs have each been charged with one county of robbery with a dangerous weapon, one count of second-degree kidnapping, one count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

Police are hoping to have the suspects in custody soon. Anyone with information as to their whereabouts is asked to call the Surry County Sheriff’s Office at 336-401-8900.

The trio face a June 11, court date.

Atkinson said the incident should serve to warn residents to be careful when they open their door.

“We’ve had a couple of things like this recently,” he said. “While it’s not something that’s very common here, we’ve seen in the last several years more home-invasion-type things.”

While many of the incidents can be traced back to drug activity, the sheriff said the Scott assault is “just a stone-cold kidnapping and armed robbery.”

“It’s unusual for us to have those because in most cases in Surry County people tend to know their neighbors,” he said. “But the surrounding areas are seeing more of them, so it’s very important that residents are cautious when they answer the door.

“It’s sad, because we’re helpful people in Surry County and it’s in our nature to want to help someone in trouble,” Atkinson added. “But that’s not always a good idea anymore.”

The sheriff recommends residents not open their door until they are sure of the identity of the person on the other side.

“If they ask for help and you want to help, ask for a phone number and make a call for them, but don’t open your door and please don’t go outside with them,” he said.

He noted that law enforcement is always a call away.

“If at any time you get a knock on your door and you feel uncomfortable, call 911,” Atkinson recommended. “We’ll get them the help they need. If they need a wrecker, we’ll get them one. If they need jail, we can do that too.”

Keith Strange can be reached at 336-719-1929 or via Twitter @strangereporter.