Cast works to make ‘Bow The Knee’ different

David Broyles

April 7, 2014

DOBSON — Even though it is the third season for Salem Baptist Church’s Easter Drama, “Bow the Knee,” organizers are fine tuning this year’s holiday drama offering to “keep the show fresh.”

“This year’s production of Bow the Knee is different in that we are able to further expand a few characters, for example, asserting Pilate’s authority in the exchange with Anthony during the judgment scene and adding the elements of healing of the deaf and blind man during the Miracle Man scene,” said Assistant Director and Stage Manager Denise Pilcher. “We also have done more in developing the anguish of Jesus’ mother and doing more to bring the time period alive for the audience by bringing the stage to life. Our choir has perfected the musical aspect of the production.

“The challenge is there to make the old new, remembering that there are first time participants but more important is that there will be people that are seeing this story for the first time,” she said.

Music Director Cheryl Brintle explained from a musical standpoint, she feels the choir is much stronger and more evenly matched for this production.

“We’ve had a strong choir in our past productions however the ladies far outnumbered the men. We had the altos singing on the male parts to increase the volume, but this year the men will not need any support. The men’s section has increased numerically and vocally and it is a great sound,” said Brintle.

Admission to the drama is free. The show is scheduled to open on April 11 at 7 p.m. at Salem Baptist. The second show is set for April 12 at 7 p.m. and the Palm Sunday (April 13) show is a matinee set for 3 p.m. so church members can attend morning services and go to the show without making for a late Sunday for them.

The Easter musical was written by songwriter Chris Machen and orchestrated by Richard Kingsmore. The story centers around Anthony, a Roman Centurion who must examine his beliefs in the light of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“This year everyone is more confident and willing to take risks and raise the level of their performance. Both the actors and choir are very familiar with the material and the demands of this production,” said Director Dan Hornak. “It has been very successful over the past two years and each performance grows better than the last. All of us have learned that it takes cooperation, hard work, dedication and faith. All these elements and remembering our success are what have built our confidence to make this year’s ‘Bow the Knee’ far better than before.”

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