ECA holds annual cultural arts day

David Broyles

April 4, 2014

DOBSON — The fact Salem Fork Extension and Community Association (ECA) President Juanita Gillespie confided members are still getting used to wearing name tags at state conventions confirms the family atmosphere of the group’s annual Surry County ECA Cultural Arts Day.

The event was held at the Surry Community College Shelton-Badgett Center for Viticulture and Enology. Gillespie briefly informed the group they were awaiting word on a project they funded through the ECA Foundation Innovative Grant program to include information on ECA in marriage license packets.

“We know many seeking marriage licenses often don’t know about running a household and ECA members can help them,” Gillespie said later. “There’s millions of ideas the ECA has which can help and we’re backed by North Carolina State if we don’t have an answer.”

She praised the Extension Homemakers for pitching in under the guidance of Extension Agent Carmen Long to stage a workshop to sew corn hole game bean bags, which are needed for the upcoming senior games. Gillespie also talked about a May 2 Leader Lesson Training day to be held at the SCC Elkin Center.

Gillespie explained local representatives routinely travel to the sessions and bring back they knowledge they gain to local associations.

“We try to have at least one person to attend each topic and bring the information back and present it to their own clubs,” Gillespie said. “We’re learning about the lesson ourselves and later add to it, research it and tailor it to our own clubs.”

Winners in over 15 categories were announced Thursday at the show. The top winners in the art show are as follows:

Sewing: First place, Kathy Hemmings; Dobson ECA; Table runner. Second place, Ann Collins; Pilot ECA; Star Burst. Handiwork:First place, Susan Johnson; Good Neighbor ECA; Cross stitch. Second place in cross stitch went to Ann Davis; White Sulphur Springs ECA and Kathy Hemmings; Dobson ECA. Knitting:First place, Lore Lettau; Dobson ECA; Lavender Sweater. Second place, Mary Chapman; Pilot ECA; Sweater/cap and Lisa royal; Pilot ECA, Pink scarf.

Crocheting:First place, Ann Davis; White Sulphur Springs ECA, Afghan. Second place, Goldie Spargar, Pilot ECA; Afghan and Carolyn Martin; Pilot ECA; Afghan. Embroidery:First place, Ann Davis; White Sulphur Springs ECA; Crewel (embroidery in wool thread). Second place, Ida Johnson; Good Neighbor ECA. Crafts: First place, Lisa Royal; Pilot ECA; Pink Leaf. Second place, Jessie Stewart; Dobson ECA; tobacco leaf. Heritage skills: First Place, Becky Hill, White Sulphur Springs ECA; pressed flowers. Second place, Judy Davis, Pilot ECA; Baltic Egg. Hand or loom weaving: First place, Jane Snow of Pilot ECA, hat.

Christmas decorations: First place, Ann Davis of White Sulphur Springs ECA, Christmas beaded ornament. Second place, Gloria Bryant; Pilot ECA, folded star. Jewelry: First place, Susan Johnson, Good Neighbor ECA; bracelet. Second place, Jean Ingram; Good Neighbor ECA; bracelet. Quilts (machine sewed) First place, Lisa Royal; Pilot ECA. (Hand sewed) First place, Gloria Bryant; Pilot ECA. (other quilt techniques) First place, Shirley Colthren; Pilot ECA.

Flower Arrangement: First place, Goldie Sparger; Pilot ECA. Photography: First place, Nancy Downs; Pilot ECA; Butterfly; Second place, Judy Davis; Pilot ECA; Color photo. Fine Arts: (watercolor) First place, Donna Brady; Dobson ECA. (Oils) First place, Mary Sue Chapman; Pilot ECA. (Acrylics) First place, Mary Sue Chapman; Pilot ECA; Sea scene. (Miscellaneous) First place, Joy Hemmings; Siloam; Barn quilt.

Miscellaneous: First place, Marilyn Geiger; Pilot ECA; Tye dyed eggs. Second place, Marie Poole; Beulah ECA; Ida Johnson; Good Neighbor ECA; Strawberries. Creative writing (poem) First place, Carolyn Martin; Pilot ECA. (Short story) First place, Marilyn Geiger; Pilot ECA.

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