Tharrington Primary to hold first Spring Fling

David Broyles

March 14, 2014

Tharrington Primary School’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) will be holding the group’s first Spring Fling on March 28 from 6-8 p.m. with proceeds going toward playground improvement at the school.

PTO President Reagan Tidd said the PTO decided to tackle a project to benefit kids in a way they would enjoy — and that one of the most common responses from the kids when asked their favorite part of the day is “recess.” While Tidd said the school has several nice play areas, one area along the back of the building has see saws and a metal slide which doesn’t meet modern safety codes.

“The playground equipment there is probably over 30 years old. Some members of our PTO remember playing on it. We would like to remove the play equipment in this area that is not up to current building codes and replace it so our kids have a safer place to play,” Tidd said. “We also feel this would be an investment in our community because our playgrounds boarder an entrance to the Emily B. Taylor Greenway and remain open after school is out, making them a place for families to come.”

Tidd said Principal Lydia Lovell has formed a committee of students to help decide on possible upgrades to the playground. Spring Fling will feature a farmer’s market, a DJ kids dance party, an obstacle course for children and an adult silent auction. Tidd said PTO parents will serve a spaghetti dinner with bread, drinks and desserts for $5 a plate and pizza will be offered as well. Many of the silent auction items will include art work by students.

Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Coach Kelly Johnson said kindergarten students, inspired by their classes on weather, are making sun catchers to be sold at the fling. First grade students will borrow from their plants and living things class to provide seedlings and the second grade is using principles from its solids, liquids and gasses classes to produce a cookbook, all of which will be sold at the farmer’s market.

“The classrooms will paint (flower) pots for sale at the Spring Fling,” said Tidd. “Students do the design and painting of the pots. The teachers are keeping their work top secret because they want to have the pot which earns the most.” She said costs for a total upgrade for the playground are estimated at $20,000.

She said the PTO’s goal is to create a fun night with a “great sense of community.” The fundraising effort is also being supported by a donation request letter which parents can use to donate or use in connection with local businesses to donate to the project. The event will also hold a benefit raffle with an iPad Mini as a first prize, a $200 grocery cart for second place and $100 for the third place prize.

Parents and guardians will be responsible for their children during the Spring Fling. Tidd said the PTO is hoping students seek higher education and one day return to the community and raise a family in the city which inspired them.

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