Dobson announces curfew due to weather

By Tom Joyce

February 12, 2014

DOBSON — In response to the weather, Dobson officials are implementing a curfew effective at 6 p.m. today.

“We issued a proclamation for a vehicular state of emergency,” Town Manager Josh Smith said this afternoon. He stressed that it applies to vehicular traffic only — excluding autos used in an essential capacity such as emergency response, medical transports and for hospital personnel to reach their jobs.

“We’re not restricting pedestrian movement as of now,” Smith said.

The reason for the curfew is logistical in nature, the town manager explained.

As a smaller municipality, Dobson lacks the crews and equipment to keep streets clear.

“And we’re limited from a manpower standpoint,” Smith added. “So it would be a definite strain on our resources to have wrecks and stranded motorists and that type of thing.”

It has not been determined when the curfew will end after going into effect this evening, with uncertainties over the weather situation the key factor.

Notice of the curfew has been posted on the town of Dobson’s Facebook page and reverse 911 calls were planned to alert the public.

While Dobson has a juvenile curfew in place, Smith was unsure as to whether the town has ever implemented a weather-related curfew.

Not abiding by it would be a violation of a town ordinance constituting a misdemeanor.

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