Hugh Chatham selling nursing center

Staff reports

February 11, 2014

ELKIN — The Board of Trustees of Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital has agreed to sell Hugh Chatham Nursing Center to Cary-based Century Care Management. The sell will be effective this spring, though the hospital did not disclose the purchase price.

One hundred and seventeen employees work at the nursing center in Elkin and, according to Century Care Management President Bob Gilliam, the “vast majority of the nursing center’s employees will not be affected by the transition.”

Hugh Chatham officials said the major reason behind the move is simply to put the center and its patients in the hands of a firm that specializes in that arena of care.

“In recent years, operating nursing centers has become a very specialized management discipline,” said Hugh Chatham CEO Paul Hammes. “As an organization committed to the entire care needs of our community, and as wise stewards of our resources, the board felt it was necessary to evaluate transferring ownership to a company specializing in nursing center operations.

“During this assessment, one organization clearly stood out. That company is Century Care — a leading provider of long-term care throughout North Carolina for more than 30 years.”

Hammes said the sale, and the decision to work with Century Care, was not an quick decision. He said the board had been evaluating the nursing center over the past year and has been evaluating Century Care as well.

“For several months we have been meeting with Century Care to be certain they not only will be a financially sound provider of quality care, but would be an excellent employer, a positive addition to our business community and a good fit for our residents who trust us for their care,” said J. L. Lowe, a hospital board member and chairman of its senior services committee. “What we found was that Century Care not only met, but exceeded our expectations.”

Lowe, who also serves on the Elkin town council, said that “Century Care offers a comprehensive, integrated approach for total care which combines pharmacy, rehabilitation, nutrition, behavioral health, family support and other programs around the unique needs of residents.”

“The staff at Hugh Chatham Nursing Center can be proud of the outstanding care they provide and of their commitment to the center’s residents,” said Century Care’s Gilliam. “That opportunity will only be enhanced as they become part of the Century Care family. We are looking forward to joining the Elkin community and to continue the tradition of providing exceptional care to the residents at Hugh Chatham Nursing Center.”