Dobson man to appear on ‘Survivor’

By Tom Joyce

January 23, 2014

DOBSON — A Dobson man will be part of the cast for the latest version of the “Survivor” television series, according to an announcement by the CBS network that airs the popular, long-running program.

Jeremiah Wood, 34, is identified as a male model in cast listings for “Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty,” but is also an employee of Reece Machines in Dobson.

The upcoming series has already been produced and will debut nationwide on Feb. 22..

Wood is part of the “Beauty tribe” on the new edition of “Survivor,” a program that has appeared on CBS since 2000 and includes a format in which teams, or tribes, are placed in exotic or faraway locales. They compete for food and other necessities, forming alliances and counter-alliances along the way, for an ultimate $1 million prize to the last-surviving cast member.

Each team in a losing competition must vote out a member in every episode, thus leading to elimination of cast members as the series progresses.

In a promotional video clip for the series, Wood describes how he has played down his modeling career to avoid stereotypes associated with that profession. He says his father taught him to hunt and fish and that he loves being outdoors. Wood has modeled for retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch.

Wood is the son of Bruce and Vickey Wood and has deep family ties in Surry County, according to Facebook postings that ran rampant Thursday about his upcoming television appearance. It will originate from Cagayan, a province in the Philippines.

However, James Reece of Reece’s Machines in Dobson, where Wood, works said Thursday that the situation there has been mostly low-key.

“Well, it’s been kind of hush-hush — you’re actually the first person who’s said anything about it,” Reece told a reporter Thursday around noon.

Reece added that Wood was taking some time off from work. “And he’s been kind of sworn to secrecy.” Cast members of competitive reality shows taped in advance typically agree not to divulge outcomes or other details, to avoid hurting ratings and audience interest.

Among other cast members for the show are Cliff Robinson, a former basketball star with the Portland Trailblazers; Dave Samson, the president of the Miami Marlins; and persons from various walks of life such as horse trainer and ex-National Football League cheerleader.

Wood says in the promotional video that he intended to use his charm and “flirt” with female cast members while playing the game and trying to advance on the show.

Once the new “Survivor” series hits the airwaves, the town of Dobson will be in a spotlight of sorts, but James Reece doesn’t know what to expect.

It might not change much, Reece said. “We’re just a small little hole in the wall.”

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