By John Peters

October 15, 2013

To the Editor,

There have been recent opinions quoted citing concerns for future of Mount Airy/Mayberry tourism as Andy Griffith fans age. What is perhaps forgotten by many lifelong residents of the Mount Airy area, is just how wonderful a place this is to live in!

There have been numerous states in our past professional lives — some wonderful, some not so great-this area is by far the most pleasant of them all to live in. We chose this location — there is of course natural beauty, wonderful community activities, great climate, etc.

And then there are the people. Nice people! Recently I was exiting Mayberry Shoe Repair. I did not have any bundles at the time, but the young gentlemen entering had his arms full of shoes to be fixed. As he noticed I was heading out the door, he quickly stepped back to hold the door open for me. After I suggested it was not necessary, his simple comment was: Ma’am, this is Mayberry, it’s how we roll.”

Nice people make all the difference and are why you have folks returning year after year to visit a community like this.

Linda Davis