By John Peters

October 6, 2013

To the editor

How can I go up to Washington and address the members of congress and let them know that the people are tired of their petty bickering and get busy by cutting the spending and lowering the national debt?

How long would your house hold keep running if you kept borrowing more money just to pay your bills?

Sooner or later you’re going to have to pay back the money you’re borrowing or else start fighting the countries that want you to pay back the money. With our pansy leaders this country won’t last very long.

When China comes calling for all the money we borrowed, do you think your President will be able to talk his way out of that debt?

Wait, he will borrow some money from Japan to pay China, and then he’ll borrow more from his friends in Egypt to pay Japan and borrow from Iran to pay Egypt.

We act like the big shot and give away millions of dollars to countries, thinking we can buy their friendship. They just laugh at us behind our backs for being so stupid. We should be taking care of things at home first.

We give weapons to countries that would use them against us.

We shipped our jobs overseas, and then wonder why the unemployment is high.

We closed our borders so that it’s hard for good people to come to America but if you jump over the border without paperwork we’ll give you, money, medical care, food stamps, education and if you have a baby, you can stay here and collect welfare. Also if you here illegally and file your taxes but don’t make enough the IRS will send your family money.

Now isn’t that nice of them?

Every year we seem to be getting more stupid, if that’s possible.

I’ll get off the soap box now so someone else can speak up.

Jerry Bissell

Mount Airy