Change can bring mixed emotions

By Wendy Byerly Wood

October 2, 2013

Twelve years is a long time in one place, despite the fact there was a year-and-a-half gap in there where I served as editor of The Stokes News.

Other than that short time, my life as a career woman has been at The Mount Airy News — first as a staff reporter and then returning from Stokes to be associate editor.

This is home, family, the place where I’m comfortable.

Change doesn’t come easy to me, that’s probably why I’ve never really sought out any other workplace. The opportunity arose a year or two ago to move to Portsmouth, Ohio, as editor of a daily newspaper just a little smaller than The News, but due to financial and personal reasons, my little family decided to stay here in Surry County.

But today, my career life is changing again. Today I am officially the content manager (also known as editor) of The Elkin Tribune and The Yadkin Ripple. And I’m taking with me my duties as editor of The Pilot. (I will be working with The Mount Airy News every other weekend still.)

There are many things I’m going to miss — being just 12 minutes from my home, being able to take a lunch break with my husband on occasion, all of my family here at The News, getting to write about events in the area I call home.

But there are many things I’m looking forward to in my new role as well — getting to know new people, being able to lead my own staff of reporters, learning about a new area of my extended home region, and being able to grow as a writer and leader.

It is my hope to still be able to write a column to appear in The News on occasion about events that are happening in the area, experiences Little Man might have, and other interesting topics for the region.

Driving 40 minutes to work will require an adjustment in my schedule, and Little Man’s, as we’ve enjoyed being able to sleep a little later and will no longer be able to sleep in, but we’ll work through that, too.

And while this may be “see ya later” for the time being, I do still live in this community and will be out and about where I can visit with friends and families, workout at the gym, shop, eat …

So, for now, see ya later, and around town.

Wendy Byerly Wood is the content manager for the Elkin Tribune and Yadkin Ripple and editor of The Pilot. She can be reached at 336-835-1513.