Cards hold on for win over a fast-breaking Sauras offense

Tanya Chilton Staff Reporter

September 28, 2013

PILOT MOUNTAIN — Quarterback John Dickenson scored three touchdowns — two rushing and another on a pass — to commandeer a 37-28 win over South Stokes on Friday.

With 2:21 left to go, Dickenson punched in the finale after the Sauras had put up 28 points on the board to hold on and underscore the win.

He opened up the game by scoring a touchdown on a quarterback carry in the first three minutes of the game.

Andrew Kozlow was good for the PAT as he was the entire game registering 5/5.

Chase Brewster, Madison Chilton, J.T. Lichtenberger, Travon Rickets, Casey Marion, Keanu Love and Austin Shabdue made some stops at the line of scrimmage and in the secondary to keep the Card lead 7-0 in the first quarter.

Cardinals Christian Shinault opened up the second quarter by breaking up a dangerous pass from South Stokes quarterback J.J. Davis to Jaquan Martin.

Martin swept to the left and busted in the Sauras’ first touchdown of the game. Mario Fisher was good for the extra point in the second. The score at 9:49 was a 7-7 tie.

Card Dylan Slate earned some hard yardage up the middle during the quarter. Slate punched in his first touchdown to make the score 16-7 with the PAT good. An earlier safety and good rushing by the defense had earned the Cards two points.

Austin Shabdue also made his presence felt after a touchdown, making the score 23-7.

Keanu Love and the defense continued to make good stops to keep a hold on the Davis/Martin duo before the half.

At halftime, the Cards had the lead by 16 points with a 23-7 score.

In the third, Martin pressed in two touchdowns to make the score 23-21. With Fisher being good for the PATs.

The East Surry Cardinals held out in the fourth quarter to take the 37-28 win.

Dylan Slate was asked to step up in the tailback position for Lucas Koons and ran in two one-yard touchdowns, said Head Coach David Diamont.

Diamont said, “Like I told everyone all week long, J.J. Davis and Jaquan Martin when they get in space they are extremely quick. They are two really good backs, when they have the ball in space a lot of time you are reaching for air.”