Letter to editor - Hawks

By John Peters

September 10, 2013

To the Editor,

I think we need more sidewalks in Mount Airy. I see people trying to cross streets with no safety walks all the time. I also am concerned about Refro Street. Many people try to walk on the sides of the street where there are no sidewalks and I worry that someone will get hit. People walk on Refro Street a lot.

Also we need sidewalks going down to the Middle School. I see kids walking along Hamburg St. and that is not safe either. Yesterday I saw two older people pushing bicycles up the hill from the Ararat River on the side of the road on Soutn Main Street toward Bannertown. People walk along there all the time too and it is not safe.

We have needed sidewalk improvement for a long time and it is about safety, not physical fitness.

Jane Hawks

Mount Airy