Thumbs Up

By John Peters

August 31, 2013

To local residents and tourism officials who have helped secure another visit by the East Coast-National Trike-In, which annually brings in hundreds of visitors to the city. Officials with the Brotherhood of the Third Wheel, which has brought the event to Mount Airy for four consecutive years, have said they like the Granite City because the folks here roll out the red carpet, making them feel welcomed.

You can’t buy that sort of marketing, and the officials who helped bring the organization here, as well as the residents and businesses that make them feel so welcomed, play a big part in growing tourism in Mount Airy.


To the Surry County Sheriff’s Office for focusing on recycling businesses in battling against the rising thefts of scrap metal. That thieves are attempting to abscond with the scrap metal isn’t surprising — the price of the material has been high for several years, and there seems to be no shortage of individuals attempting to take what belongs to others for a few dollars. However, there are procedures recycling businesses are supposed to follow, in terms of recording sales, to help trace such thefts back to those who commit them.

Cracking down on those recyclers who don’t follow those guidelines will make it harder for thieves to dispose of their goods locally, and hopefully make it less likely they steal in the first place.