Ashe Habitat to hold yard-sale-style ‘ReStore’

Wil Petty Staff Writer

August 26, 2013

The Ashe County Habitat for Humanity will be hosting a ReStore to clear out its storage space.

“A ReStore is where we accept donations from individuals that we can sell and then use that money to help build future houses,” sasid ACHFH President Bill Wheeler. “It is sort of like a recycling store.”

Wheeler said the Ashe Habitat plans ReStore sales whenever its storage facilities fill up. On sale will be rugs, carpets, furniture and other appliances, which can be used for home restoration and improvement.

“People that can’t afford to go in and buy a $1000 refrigerator from a store can buy one from us for a couple hundred dollars if we have one,” he said.

“Buyers should expect to find a wide assortment of most anything you might imagine,” Wheeler said. “From building materials to appliances and furniture… anything that could be recycled and used in somebody’s home.”

Ashe Habitat had their first ReStore in October of last year.

While larger Habitat for Humanity branches have their own stores for the same purpose, Ashe Habitat has no retail space so the ReStore will occur outside of their storage units, Wheeler said.

“We have two full storage facilities, so it will be sort of a yard sale at the parking area,” he said.

The ReStore will take place Saturday, Aug. 31 from 8-1 p.m. at Parkway Storage Bay on Ashe St. in West Jefferson.

A Brush with Kindness

Wheeler said ACHFH’s A Brush with Kindness initiative started in the spring. The program helps elderly and disabled homeowners house with home repairs they can’t manage on their own.

“Hopefully the jobs only take a day, but right now they are taking us about three Saturdays,” he said, explaining that many paint days have been cancelled due to wet weather.

Ashe Habitat has accepted eight applicants for the program, but Wheeler said there are other applications waiting which they hope to schedule soon.

Wheeler said A Brush with Kindness” is always in need of more volunteers. “They can come out and work an hour, three hours or whatever they want to do,” he said.

Next spring, Ashe Habitat will start building its second new-construction home since the nonprofit formed in 2008.

To volunteer for Habitat projects or for more information on the ReStore, call the Ashe Habitat at (336) 846-2525.