ABC Board makes first contributions

Wendy Byerly Wood Associate Editor

August 17, 2013

PILOT MOUNTAIN — After being in business since the end of 2009, the Pilot Mountain ABC Board Thursday distributed its first statutory contributions to area agencies out of the profits of the town’s ABC Store.

ABC Board Chairman Marshall Atkins explained that when the store first opened it borrowed its own money, which it has had to pay back from the store’s profits before any contributions could be made. “And now we are able to give some back,” he said Thursday as he prepared to make check presentations to the Hope Valley Women’s Division and Pilot Mountain Police Department.

“We are able to help give back to the town and the community,” Atkins said.

North Carolina General Statute 18B-805 requires that a portion of the profits of an ABC Store be used toward “the treatment of alcoholism or substance abuse, or for research or education on alcohol or substance abuse” and for law enforcement contributions.

“This is the first year that the Pilot Mountain store’s profits have reached the level at which a distribution is required,” said ABC Store Manager Paula Jones. “We are glad that we are in a position to give back to our community.”

The Hope Valley Women’s Division is located in Pilot Mountain, and Atkins said the board was approached by several people who mentioned the possibility of funding the women’s alcohol rehab program.

“It is to help them out and help improve our community,” he said. “We can determine each year where the money goes.”

The required distribution amounts calculated by the store’s auditors were increased voluntarily by the Pilot Mountain ABC Board. The required Alcohol Education Contribution of $468.14 was rounded up to $500 for Hope Valley.

“This was an easy decision for our board,” said Atkins, who was joined at the presentation by ABC Board member Larry Cooke, Town Commissioners Dwight Atkins and Cordie Armstrong and Town Manager Homer Dearmin. “They were highly recommended, they are a local organization, and they help people right here in Pilot Mountain.”

Kathy Akers, counselor, and Angie Morrow, counselor and director of the Women’s Division, were on hand to accept the contribution. They explained that the Hope Valley Women’s Division has been in operation more than 40 years.

Hope Valley was established as a private, nonprofit corporation for the treatment and care of alcoholics in June of 1968, with the separate facility for women opened in Pilot Mountain in 1970. It is licensed by the state of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services to operate a chemical dependency treatment facility.

While the Law Enforcement Contribution was audited at $334.39, the board elected to contribute $1,000 to the police department.

“We appreciate the job that the members of the police department do to protect and serve the citizens and businesses of Pilot Mountain,” said Atkins. “They do a great job, and we are glad to contribute to their efforts.”

Pilot Mountain Police Chief Darryl Bottoms and Officer David Edmonds were presented with the check from the board.

The chief said the funds will be applied to the department’s annual budget.

“We are grateful to the ABC Board and staff for the work they do, and for their support of the Pilot Mountain Police Department,” said Bottoms. “They are a great group to work with, and we appreciate their efforts to contribute back to the Pilot Mountain community.”

“This is something the board is happy we can help with,” said Atkins of the two contributions. “The board has worked hard to do this to cut everything we can to maximize what we can.”

Billy Sawyers also is a member of the ABC Board.

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