Cousins mark 50 years at Roses

Dylan Lightfoot Staff Writer

August 14, 2013

Cousins Rusty Darnell and Betty Miller started working at Roses on the same day over 50 years ago.

“We wouldn’t know how to act with another job,” said Darnell.

“But some days, we don’t like is as good,” joked Miller.

The two have worked at all three Roses locations, as the discount retailer has moved around town through the years. When they started, the store was located on South Jefferson Avenue in the space now occupied by Friendly Shoe Store.

Once, they did consider other employment, when a foreman at Sprague Electric offered them both jobs. They had to finagle a couple hours away from Roses for the interview, and cooked up a story about a flat tire, but were later caught in their lie and talked out of quitting by their manager.

Later the pair moved with Roses to Mid Town, where Faith Fellowship and Harvest Ministries is located. They moved to the Jefferson location in 1987, Darnell said.

The cousins live “down 163,” and have both been married for as long as they have held their jobs — Darnell 47 years and Miller 50. Darnell has two children and two grandchildren, while Miller has none, but, Darnell said, “she borrows mine.”

Asked how they managed to maintain such length of employment, marriage and friendship, Darnell said, “We didn’t realize we had a choice on anything. Once we got ‘em we kept ‘em.”