By John Peters

August 8, 2013

To the Editor,

Early in 2013, The Charlotte Observer reported a leaked strategy memo outlining a game plan by left-wing non-profit organizations to demonize and discredit Governor McCrory and the Republican-led legislature. The take-away from the story is that “left-wing non-profit groups wield an alarming amount of power in the media, state politics, and government” (Civitas, April, 2013). These left-wing groups included Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NC Council of Churches, NC NAACP, NC Policy Watch, America Votes, etc. Staged outrage, including Moral Mondays, has been aided and abetted by liberal media’s fits of hyperbole and can only be described as seriously misleading and misguided.

I believe we can be duped by what we read and hear. That’s why I check my sources. Well-crafted propaganda can be intoxicating but wrong-headed. Reading and citing only publications or media like the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, or MSNBC will lead to predictable left-leaning conclusions. Why is it that I rarely see reference to stories published by conservative-leaning sources such as Civitas or national sources like Newsmax or Townhall? What about the glowing Forbes review of Gov McCrory and the NC legislature in the last few days? It cited North Carolina as a “best-in-class example of what can happen when legislators keep their promises and the governors follow through on their word.” Why do I see so little written by the famed Harvard-educated, black, conservative economist Thomas Sowell, a native of Gastonia? Could all this liberal media hype about North Carolina have something to do with the Senate seat of Kay Hagan? What better way for national leftists to influence the vote in NC than to trash the Republican leadership in the state?

To reinforce my observations, I must cite a recent column in the Mount Airy News by D.G. Martin entitled Egypt, Nazi Germany, and North Carolina. Mr. Martin draws a parallel between “Nazi excesses” and the Republican Party of North Carolina! This is an offense to me and hundreds of other registered Republicans in Surry County and this state. Casting Republicans as heartless and racist will do little to promote civil discourse and honest debate on the vital issues of the day. It is ironic that almost every study on personal giving shows that conservatives are far more generous in giving to charities for the benefit of the poor or less fortunate. Predictably, liberals are always willing to be generous with other people’s money (tax revenues).

In my view, agitators have twisted every effort of Governor McCrory and the legislature to restore fiscal sanity, to enact education reform, to make business-friendly changes to the tax code, to promote economic prosperity, to create jobs, and to strengthen family values. Yes, liberal-progressives in the Democrat Party are passionate, but only to policies doomed to failure. Question: how is that liberal-progressive approach working out for the people in bankrupt Detroit or crime-infested Chicago?

Proudly, I embrace the principles of personal responsibility, a more efficient and limited government, the centrality of God and family, economic freedom, free enterprise, opposition to bailouts and corporate welfare, reductions in the tax burden, fiscal restraint and balanced budgets, the sanctity of life, legal immigration, honest and accurate elections, local and state control of education policy and curriculum, less federal intrusion in health care, and opposition to encroachments on all rights which the Constitution has reserved to the states or to the people.

Gary Carson Tilley


Chair, Surry County Republican Party

Editor’s Note: The Civitas referred to by Mr. Tilley is the Civitas Institute and is not affiliated with Civitas Media, LLC, the parent company of The Mount Airy News.