Thumbs Up, Thumbs down

By John Peters

August 3, 2013

Thumbs up

To the Matthew 25:35 Inc. organization and the many volunteers who worked to make the annual Run to the Ridge a success again this year. In addition to offering an entertainment outlet and draw for people to come to Mount Airy, the annual gathering raises thousands of dollars that provides meals to people who might otherwise go hungry. Last year the organization raised $15,000, which supplied nearly 90,000 meals, and this year’s event looked to be just as big.


Thumbs down

To the North Carolina General Assembly for scrapping the tax-free weekend. Those taking advantage of this weekend, when the sales tax is waived on certain items needed for students’ return to school, should enjoy it this year because the state government has decided North Carolina families are no longer in need of help in equipping their kids for school. Then again, this should be no surprise — this government has shown it takes care of those with money and influence and really couldn’t care less about the average state resident.