Letter to editor - Haynes

By John Peters

July 31, 2013

To the editor,

Sunday evening (7/28) was absolutely gorgeous. Humidity was low and the temperature was very comfortable. Because of the wonderful weather, I decided that I wanted to spend the evening downtown on our beautiful Main Street. I jumped into the car and first drove to a local fast food establishment and picked up a nice salad for dinner. From there, I headed to Main Street.

When I arrived, I parked along the curb. I jumped out of my car in excitement, salad in hand, and started walking to the nice area where the restrooms and tables are. When I arrived, I noticed something that made my excitement plunge. There was a cable strung across the entrance to the area with the tables with a “no trespassing” sign on it.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed and somewhat angered. All I wanted to do was spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon enjoying a nice fast food salad sitting at a table in our beautiful downtown, but no. They just had to be roped off at 7:30. I did manage to eat my salad at a regular bench, but as everyone knows, a table would have been much more comfortable and convenient.

I could have easily stepped over that cable and ate at a table, but I’m not one to break rules. However, if someone is going to go downtown to wreak havoc, a tiny cable is not going to stop them. I say leave that area open so responsible citizens can use the area it was meant to be used.

Jake Haynes

Mount Airy