Rain, rain, go away

By Keith Strange

July 30, 2013

I said it with all sincerity and purity of intention. Really.

It was around 10 p.m., Friday when it happened. The little lady and I were watching the 10 o’clock news. The weather was on.

After the first two rain-free days in recent memory, and a forecast that called for “a chance of showers” over the coming days, I looked at the little lady and said — emphatically — the following:

“I’m getting up first thing tomorrow and cutting the lawn. Really. First thing, since it looks like it could start raining again around noon.”

Now I don’t know whether you remember Saturday morning, but by the time the sky brightened Mount Airy was being subjected to yet another torrential downpour. It didn’t stop for most of the day.

So as I ambled out onto the porch for a first look outside, my spirits sank.

“Well, this is great. Once again, my yard is full of standing water,” I said to myself as I tossed some scraps out for the neighborhood wildlife. They splashed as they hit the ground.

And with that, my lawn has become nearly unmanageable. Again.

I’ve been whining about it to anyone who will listen, but it seems that everyone is in the same boat.

While down at the county sheriff’s office recently, I was mentioning the fact that my grass was way too high to the deputies.

“You aren’t the only one,” a deputy said. “This year, the rarity is the yard that has been cut.”

A friend and co-worker just laughed when I brought it up.

“Man, you’re really obsessing about your grass,” he said. “Seriously, I think you may have a bit of a fixation.”

Which I will readily admit. It’s hard for me to relax with an unkempt lawn.

The last time the weather prevented me from cutting the grass for somewhere in the neighborhood of three weeks, I nearly suffered heat stroke when I was finally able to get around to it. I came into the office the next day not only lethargic, but literally nauseous as well.

That last time, a job that usually takes 40-45 minutes ended up taking about three and a half hours because the yard had to be cut twice to get everything nice and even. And then I had to go over a whole lot of it again to try to spread out all the clumps of still-damp grass. (If you remember, I don’t rake.)

And it’s looking like I’m in for a similar experience this week, assuming the skies stay clear long enough to dry out the grass.

But with family coming to visit from out of town this week, my grass is going to get cut. I don’t care if I have to cut it while it’s raining.

Because seriously, nothing is quite as satisfying as having a well-tended, freshly-cut lawn.

Ugh oh. Is that a rain cloud I see outside?

Keith Strange is a staff reporter with The Mount Airy News. He can be reached at or 719-1929.