Flinchum descendents reunite for annual gathering

July 17, 2013

Well it happened again. The Flinchum clan met at Homeplace Park on June 30 for a grand reunion with lots of talking, laughing and eating.

The reunion was for the descendants of the late William Henry Flinchum, his first wife Anna Key Flinchum and second wife Lula Denny Flinchum. Henry Flinchum and his first wife, Anna, had six sons and one daughter, all are deceased. He and his second wife, Lula, had four children, two boys and two girls, Virginia Hill, Shirley Simmons, Rex Flinchum and Spencer Flinchum. Shirley and Spencer are the only children living. There are also daughters-in-law, Eva Flinchum, wife of the late Bert Flinchum; Gaye Nell Flinchum, wife of the late Rex Flinchum; and Frances Flinchum, wife of Spencer Flinchum.

The Shirley Flinchum Simmons family was in charge of the reunion this year. Many thanks to Shirley, her daughters and sons-in-law, Joy and Dennis Smith and Joan and Randy Simpson, brother Spencer and everyone else who helped to make this a special event.

The color scheme this year was red, white and blue. The tables were covered with red, white and blue cloths. Upon entering the recreation room, to the right was a round table with “print your own” name tags and copies of some past reunion news. Down the right side of the room were several long tables filled with all kinds of delicious food. Across the back were tables of desserts and drinks. Each dessert had a name, such as pie or cake, and a number for a dessert contest.

Shirley Simmons welcomed everyone and the Rev. Gordon Flanagan, son-in-law of Terry and Patricia Shoffner, gave the blessing on the food. There was so much good food and everyone really enjoyed it.

Those in attendance this year were Shirley Simmons, Randy and Joan Simpson and daughter Hannah and her friend Ava Cox, Spencer Flinchum, Faye Turney, Melissa Sewell and son Mason, all of Pilot Mountain; Katelyn Kitts, friend of Mason Sewell, of Walnut Cove; Dennis and Joy Smith of Dobson; Matthew and Ashley Smith of Kannapolis; Gaye Nell Flinchum, Delana Shinault and daughter Lela, all of Ararat; the Terry and Patricia Shoffner, Jean Clapp, Lucy Clapp, Annale Elkins and son Leeland Williams and Annalee’s friend Phillip Kellum, all of Julian; the Rev. Gordon and Kim Flanagan and children Sean and Katie of Winston-Salem; Eva Flinchum, Russ and Sandy Dameron, all of Pfafftown; Bert (B.W.) and Martha Flinchum and daughter Katie and friend Kent Scarborough, all of Wadesboro; John and Carrie Imler and children Sophie and Maddie of Louisville, Ky.; Mitchell and Teri Flinchum and son Graham of Burlington; and Jeannie Clapp Hunt and children Ben and Sara of Kernersville. We were so glad to have all these with us.

We also had some visitors from descendants way back. We were so glad ot get to know them and enjoyed talking to them.

They were O.C. and Peggy Flinchum and daughter Kaye Oxton and fiancé Don Perkins, all of Julian; Doris Scott and Rozena Huizinga of Lowgap; Dawn Huizinga Verdeber of Vero Beach, Fla.; Lilly Ann Scott Ingram and children Chelsea and Michael Beamer, all of King; and Vicki Gordon and grandchildren Molly Gordon and Riley Hayes, all of Pinnacle. We were so glad to have these with us and hope they will come back every year.

We were really glad to have the Rev. Gordon and Kim Flanagan and children Sean and Katie with us this year. Gordon had a church in Goldsboro and they had not been able to come to the reunion on Sunday. They have recently moved to Winston-Salem to be closer to Kim’s parents, Terry and Patricia Shoffner. Please pray for this family and for Gordon to find a church in the area.

Carrie Imler sponsored a dessert contest again this year. We had some really delicious desserts. The winners were Butterscotch Supreme by Doris Scott; Almost Heaven cake by Ashley Smith; and Cherry Dump cake by Martha Flinchum. They all received a gift certificate to Target.

Patricia Shoffner made lots of pictures and had pictures of past reunions. We all love the pictures. Thank you, Patricia.

Several of the young ones enjoyed playing in the the pool while the older folks talked abut the abundance of rain, gardens and things past and yet to come.

Also on Saturday at 5 p.m., about 40 out-of-town and locals met at Mountain View Restaurant in Pilot Mountain for a meal with lots of good food and fellowship.

The family of the late Rex Flinchum will be in charge of the reuion next year, unless the Lord calls us all home. Then we’ll have a reunion in Heaven.

Hope everyone has a healthy, happy and blessed year. May God bless and watch over us all until we meet again.