A glaring gap in North Carolina’s Medicaid program

Changing North Carolina’s Medicaid system has been a major topic of debate the 2014 “short session” of the General Assembly. Common to most of the proposals under consideration is the principle of “integrated health care.” Integrated health care, or “whole person care,” refers to a system that offers coordinated physical and mental/behavioral health care. It generally results in improved health outcomes.

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A building may be lost, but church’s place in community remains

On Thursday, an important part of our community was destroyed.Early in the afternoon, as storms were rolling into the area, officials say a lightning strike set the Ararat Missionary Baptist Church building on Jones School Road ablaze. Firefighters arrived on the scene within minutes and, at first, had hoped to be able to bring the blaze under control, though significant damage was evident even as the firefighters.Unfortunately, the flames had crept into so many nooks an...

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To the Editor,A couple of months ago my husband and I had the privilege of visiting the lovely city of Mount Airy and meeting a TV legend, Ms. Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou of the Andy Griffith Show).As a child growing up, the Andy Griffith Show was watched in our household every day, and that tradition has continued to this day throughout our family. Five generations have watched those beloved townspeople of Mayberry, now including our children and grandchildren.

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I was reading The Mount Airy News on Friday July 18 and saw the article “General Assembly Cutting School Bus Drivers.”How and why do we as North Carolinian’s keep allowing this government to keep throwing crap at us?They have cut teachers pay and now they are going after the teacher assistants and bus driver. Children are now going to have longer routes on the buses, then get home and do homework that they may not understand due to the lack of teacher&#...

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To the Editor,Responsiveness.Constituents expect this from their elected officials. Even if the politician disagrees, there is an expectation of responsiveness to citizens’ concerns, if only a respectful reply.I read today about the meeting of local business owners in Pilot Mountain, who are losing their livelihoods, because of the seemingly nonchalant pace with which the 268 bridge is being reconstructed. Who can they turn to do something about it?...

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Availability fee a good solution for city

Last week the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners again took on the question of mandatory water and sewer hook-ups for city residents.Actually, that question was answered years ago when the city made hooking up to the utilities mandatory. The specific question that’s been plaguing the city in recent years has been a number of residents in the Hollyview Forest, Sandy Level, Cross Creek and Laurel Court communities who have refused the city’s mandate to hook onto the system...

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Big Government taking over in NC

The era of BIG GOVERNMENT is alive and well in North Carolina.Generally that term is associated with the Democrat Party, which sometimes carries the reputation of taxing and spending, putting increasingly large amounts of taxpayer money into expansive social programs. Oftentimes, the party is accused of also over-regulating business and individual rights, of acting is if knows better how to spend your money than you do.That label was richly deserved for the longest time,...

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Walker surprises Berger, takes GOP nomination

A harsh Republican Party fight for a shot at an open North Carolina congressional seat goes to Mark Walker in a bit of a surprise to area Republicans.GOP voters in the district that runs along the Virginia border from Mount Airy to north of Raleigh picked Baptist minister Mark Walker of Greensboro over Phil Berger Jr. of Eden. Berger is the Rockingham County district attorney and son of powerful state Senate leader Phil Berger.Walker won 56 percent of the vote in unoffic...

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Senate rudeness a sign of our times

Last week as members of the North Carolina House of Representatives and State Senate met to discuss the two legislative body’s budget proposals, the senators in that meeting became so outraged they stood and left the meeting.The problem?Members of the House dared have professional educators come in to discuss their concerns regarding the state budget.Imagine that — House members had the gall to turn to professional educators. You know, the people w...

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Marijuana, teacher raises, and gubernatorial leadership

While the supposed short session of the General Assembly, which should have ended long ago, continues on because of a budget impasse, we’ve seen most of the legislature’s work for the year well enough to comment on a few items.It was good to see Surry County’s delegation to Raleigh vote for a limited, defined use of marijuana for specific medical conditions while maintaining their overall stand against legalizing the drug.Rep. Sarah Stevens, of Mount Ai...

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To the Editor,I managed and ran my small business for 10 years. Up until Obamacare a business had the right to provide healthcare for their employees as an added benefit or not. Now if they are a certain size they are forced to provide it. And to top that off if the owners are of the religious belief that life begins at conception they are Forced to provide the “morning after pill” or other medications that in essence cause an abortion in their mind.

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Hobby Lobby ruling leaves all vulnerable

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court opened a minefield with its Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling.She may have been understating the case.The Hobby Lobby case, in short, revolves around a particular segment of the Affordable Care Act in which for-private businesses are required to offer health insurance that includes some contraceptives to female employees. Some of those contraceptives ran afoul of the religious beliefs of the Hobby Lobby owners...

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Walker surprises Berger, takes GOP nomination

A harsh Republican Party fight for a shot at an open...

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To the Editor,

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