McCrory’s community college plan right on the money

Gov. Pat McCrory has often been the target of ridicule and criticism since taking office, much of it of his own doing.At the same time, it is important to recognize when the governor is doing good for the state, and a proposal he made last week regarding community college funding is one of those instances.McCrory said he wants the state legislature to allow those colleges to keep money they have saved and “repurpose” that money to train more students in high-...

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Letter To The Editor

To the Editor,The City Board meeting Thursday of last week was a long one and ended badly for citizens. There were two highly controversial items to be voted on that were heavily opposed by the public. Nonetheless, a majority of our board approved both items. Apparently the “will of the people” doesn't carry much weight these days.

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Saturday a day to honor two people

On Saturday the community will have an opportunity to honor two people at one event.At 2 p.m. the documentary “Broadcast — A Man and His Dream” will be shown at the Earle Theatre in downtown Mount Airy.The film, which is nearly an hour long, is a look at the late Ralph Epperson, founder and long-time owner of WPAQ, and his lifelong pursuit of a dream to support and preserve the blue grass and old time mountain music that came from area musicians —...

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Letter to the editor

To the Editor,I don’t believe that anyone in Mount Airy is against the stated goal of the proposed Redevelopment Commission, which is to improve the appearance of our city. The method being proposed to accomplish that, however, is sheer madness.As a quick summary, it creates an unelected “government” over which the people of our city have zero direct control. With the exception of eminent domain, which can’t be used without the city commissioners&...

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City, MAD proposals prompt questions, suspicion

Big changes seem to be afoot in downtown Mount Airy.First, after meeting multiple times in closed-door sessions to discuss the idea, the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners went public last month with its consideration of creating a Redevelopment Commission.Now it appears that the city is considering a Mount Airy Downtown Inc. request for a rather sizable expansion of its Municipal Service District (MSD), which could result in higher taxes for a number of downtown property...

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City, county make strides on Interstates project

After months of posturing, of some Surry County officials seemingly intent upon forcing Mount Airy to accept the money-losing Flat Rock/Bannertown water and sewer system in exchange for the county’s cooperation on the much anticipated Interstates Sewer Project, both the city and county commissioners met Wednesday night to discuss the two projects.And everyone made nice.In fact, Surry County Board of Commissioner Chairman Eddie Harris said the county would not attem...

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Letter to the editor

Thank your or your editorial, Good Old Boys network alive and well in Surry published 18 March.Numerous private landowners in the Shoals community feel woefully underserved by our commissioner, Vice Chairman Paul Johnson who denied our request for 30 minutes on the April 7 commissioner agenda with the goal of presenting information regarding two factory poultry farms (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or CAFOs) which have received the support of the Surry County Commissioners....

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Letter to the editor

To the Editor,For Mr. Johnson to claim misinformation from us is disingenuous at best (Chicken farm ruffles feathers, Mount Airy News, March 18).Our presentation information was carefully chosen as verifiable, documented by impeccable sources — CDC, Nat Health orgs, etc., and those footnotes were presented in our handouts and readily available to anyone seeking truth.Persons involved in preparing our presentation include a Phd botanist, an engineer with ...

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Redevelopment commission a bad idea for Mount Airy

Tonight is when the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners is likely to take up the issue of whether to create a redevelopment commission for the downtown area of the city.The commission, if created and appointed, will have fairly sweeping powers, able to proclaim a property or area blighted, able even to take property through the process of eminent domain, as well as apply for grants and loan money in certain circumstances.

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